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In Parallel








Duishan Art Museum

Opening : 2020.10.2 PM. 3:00 

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An art-intersecting creases of a map




Opening:2020.9.26 3pm.

Producer: Houtian Project

Curator: Chen Rongxin

Artist: Daniel Staincliffe (UK)

Time: September 26 - October 26, 2020

Address: BUG Space, No.876 Houtian, Xiamen

Ruminate on the negative and see the suffering compound, focus on a task or a moment and get more from it. Creases on a Map was an exercise in focusing attention on points on the map which would usually be overlooked; not tourist destinations or local hubs, but sites so normal that they could blur into countless others but for their alignment with the creases on a paper map.If the "folding" of maps is used as a metaphor, then the walking and positioning of artists also remold the meaning of folding on another level of space.

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地图褶皱-cresaes on a map

Young Artist Residency Project



‘HouTian Project Young Artist Residency Project’ is an artist residency project initiated and developed by HouTian Project. With ‘local’ acting as a base, as well as a research target, residency participants are sought to realize projects that radiate surrounding areas. Through investigation, research and exchanges in the sociocultural environment, focus on specific characteristics of the area and understand the local cultural atmosphere. Simultaneously, artists will be sharing and exchanging with other professional researchers from other disciplines, thus breaking from the context of one’s own conventional artistic practice. The artists will engage in interdisciplinary thinking and artistic exploration, leading to the creation of outstanding and thoughtful work with greater possibilities for artistic breakthrough.

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Year of the Rat Masks



You are warmly invited to the Year of the Rat Masks, an exhibition that documents new work by Daniel Staincliffe made throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the space of a few short months, the face mask has become ubiquitous around the world, acting as the point of convergence for debates around epidemiology, pandemic readiness and even diplomatic relations.

The artist took the face mask as a symbol of the virus’ impact and created new works inspired by specific points in the outbreak, starting with the spread of the virus over Spring Festival.

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On the road--Guan Shanyue Art Museum



“On the road”. 2019 Chinese Young Artists Exhibition opens. As an annual art project with youth as the main body, the 7th "On the Road" organized the emergence of Chinese community interventional art in the past 20 years under the theme of "Symbiosis", presented 43 art cases, expanded the boundaries of art, explored the interaction between art intervention and urban culture, and explored the diversity of artistic creation.

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on the road

The exhibition:The middle zone




Opening:2019/09/14 14:00


About the middle zone:

1.I am trying to get grip on the middle zone. 

2.The middle zone is the safest zone, art is the most taboo safe zone, but the safest zone is also the most dangerous zone.

3.The middle zone is often the road most traveled, its a place that seems familiar, yet that familiarity can lead to its subtlety and details being overlooked, we need to learn to look harder, to notice more.

4.There is no unifying concept of the middle zone, but its the one with the most possibilities, the most active one.

5.The middle zone, not left not right, not in the front not behind, in the middle.

6.The middle zone is often the core of things, hiding huge energy and explosive force.

7.I’m in the middle zone right now.

8.The middle zone is the gray area between black and white, its a state or connection.

9.The middle section of this brush that I'm holding, is its most useless part, but as for the dart board behind me, the middle zone holds the highest score.

10.The middle zone is an ambiguous chaos, the middle zone is a bizarre swamp, the middle zone is a cutting point where a steel needle can be inserted into the bone marrow.

11.Perhaps every word has a different meaning for every person. For me, the middle is closer to a neutral, orunbiased state. I also wish I could always walk on the middle line. I also wish I can always walk on the middle line.

12.The middle zone is the place where ideas, people, actions and thoughts converge. Where it is no longer certainties that prevail but ambiguity puzzlement and inconclusiveness which hold sway.

13.A definition of the middle zone is a false proposition, but we can describe it in terms of phenomenon ,such as the middle zone wandering around the edges of multiple fields ,seeking a balance between concepts ,ambiguous and complex relationships, which can be a state of calm, daily, and full of possibility.

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HouTian book house



HouTian book house is the public library of HouTian, initiated by Chen, aims to provide a space for reading, thinking and course communication.It was built by Houtian's studio partners and Houtian villagers.  Currently, books and equipment are being raised. If you would like to be a librarian or have good Suggestions, please contact roadable@163.com. An exhibition about Houtian,"Middle ground",and the book house will be open on Sept.14 ,2019.

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截屏2020-06-26 下午10.37.08.jpg

Tong Wu

A simple guide for the new media art



Tong Wu is an New York-based new mediaartist, photographer and creative technologist originally from Quanzhou, China. Holding a BA degree in photojournalism from the University of Maryland, CollegePark, (2016), Tong is a current student of the Interactive Telecommunications Graduate Program (ITP) at New York University (2019) with merit scholarship. She creates hybrid installation, performance, and web-based art that fusesvideo, text, avatars, voices and a bit of crazy thoughts.Using coding languages and multimedia tools, Tong projects her observation of social issuesand identity confusions onto her work to create immersive narratives in apoetic and tangible world.

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Tong Wu

Two exchange exhibitions in Koganecho

1、A new art project and cultural heritage

2、Tian di wu yong


Koganecho Bazaar is an art festival hosted by the Koganecho Management Center, an NPO that uses art to revitalize the Yokohama City Naka Ward Koganecho urban area. With the city's everyday spaces as a stage, the festival has been held every autumn since 2008, and to present organizers have invited a total of 90 groups of artists, curators, and architects from Japan and abroad. With an organization plan that considers creation to presentation as a consecutive process, the festival examines current issues raised by contemporary art. 

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Tian di wu yong

​Kong Longzhen

Sever one's connection with the collective



In the spring, it took me 100 days to walk 13,000 kilometers from xiamen island in the south to hulun lake on the grassland.


Later, I spent nearly half a year to put the mountains, seas, lakes, rivers, sunrise, dusk, moon night and starry sky I saw along the way into my paintings.


The picture is 22 meters long. Recorded from the coast to the mountains and then to the plains and then into the loess plateau and then the maowusu desert overhanging mountains to the vast grassland...

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HouTian art BBS by the sea.


HouTian art BBS by the sea. Discussion after the live performance art festival. The Houtian project invites interesting people to talk with each other as speakers. It is open to the public and everyone can intervene at any time during the discussion, just providing a communication space without walls in the  natural environment.

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