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​Friends and HouTian project



Do you want to support artistic creations? Do you want to be personally involved in the festival? Become a Friend of the Houtian project and you can contribute to the production of a new and daring project.



Artistic creation is central to the mission of the Houtian project. Most of the works in the festival programme are now seeing the light and are being co-produced by the festival. Every year, the Friends of the Houtian project support the creation of a new production. They gather to assess the programme and are given a look at the festival’s organisation from behind the scenes. 


FRIENDS: starting from $ 50


  • The Friends Night on 4 April: introduction to the festival programme and opening of the Box-office

  • A meeting with the supported artist after one of her/his performances during the festival

  • Mention of Your name in the brochure, on the website and in the festivalcentre (unless you don’t want to).


BEST FRIENDS: starting from $ 250


  • On 29 January: a meeting with the direction to discuss the upcoming festival

  • Invitations to discover the festival behind the scenes: general rehearsals, meeting with the artists, guided tours etc.

  • All the preceding items for the Friends


MAECENAS: starting from $ 1000

  • A meeting with the supported artist and with the direction during the year

  • The possibility to participate in a prospection-journey with the artistic directors

  • All the preceding items for the Friends and Best Friends

  • All donations of at least € 40 per year are tax deductible. The King Baudouin Foundation sends you the fiscal receipt at the beginning of the following year.Monthly donations are also possible.


Friends 2019


Kong Xue, Guo Zhanwen, Chai Jin, Lin An,  Hong Rongman, Hu Jingwei, Liao Haiming, Zheng Ke, Xu Xiuxiu, Lin Luancong, Long Yitang,  Wang Weijuan, Li Xian, Ju Zhi, Lucy Sun, Ruan Chuangzhi, Zhang Yunfeng, Yi Shan,Shen Jinshan, Da Ai, Yi Shan, Qiu Weijie, Yi Ming, Zhang Chaoyang, Zhao Bo,Chen Guanli, Jianhg Xiaoying, Xiao Ruifeng, Cheng Yuan, Tong Yan, Zeng Yunhui, Wu Huailiang, Lin Baochun, Lin Huirong, Fen Lei, Zhang Nasong, Mu Lan, Chen Ting, Chen Deming, Wu Tong, Stan Wanna, Ton Zwerver,  Chen Siping , Rik Vernack, André Viollier, Myriam Watthee - Delmotte, ZHOU ART, YE GU LI, Sinta Wibowo, en alle vrienden die liever anoniem blijven / et tous nos amis qui préfèrent rester anonymes / and all our Friends who prefer to stay anonymous.


​Supported projects


2015 Open market charlatans series, live performance art exhibition.

2016 LinBaochun exhibition

2017 Dumb sound art festival

2018 Konglongzhan exhibition

2019 The middle zoon exhibition


You can make your donation via deposit into the account of the Fondation Houtian project.

How to donate?

Houtian art Foundation


Number:6222 0041 0010 3089 650


If you have some questions about donate, Please send an e-mail to Mrs Su for more information.

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